The Founders

Luke Swanson & Brooke McEver

Tripty began in Bangladesh with the goal of creating a sustainable company that has a positive impact on communities, culture and the environment to offer an alternative to the traditional Fast Fashion model.



Brooke McEver came to Bangladesh from Florida with the aim of making the garment industry less wasteful and, after years of work, has created a Sustainability department in a major export factory as well as overseen the design and production of thousands of UPCYCLED items.  Her eye for design combined with her passion for sustainability have helped ensure that the Tripty items will improve rather than degrade the natural environment. 

Luke Swanson is an Environmental Scientist from the small town of Bellingham which is located in the Northwest USA. His passion for conservation brought him to work in Climate Change in Bangladesh but, after working in the field, rapidly switched to Climate Justice and Sustainable Development.  Using his background in environmental science as well as start up experience has allowed him to bring a rounded holistic approach to project design that includes environmental sustinability and social benefit.