We have begun a collaboration with the Bihari community who specialize in "Karchupi" a traditional form of embroidery used primarily for wedding Sarees.  The bihari community is described as a "stateless people" due to the fact that they are not recognized as citizens of Bangladesh or their home countries.  Stranded in a country that is not theirs they struggle to make a home for themselves.  


The Tripty Project is collaborating with artisans who specialize in "Kantha" stitch.  "Kantha" means story in Bangla and the artisans use their needle and thread to sew together old Saari material using complicated stitching to continue the tradition handed down through generations as well as describe their own personal journey.  

In Meherpur, Tripty works with a project that focuses on rehabilitating women from sex trafficking.  By providing part time work through "Kantha" stitch these women can make a small income which gives them stability in their lives and a voice in their community.